I am a wife, mother, friend, businesswoman, Entrepreneur, avid wildlife & ocean life fanatic and hopeless coffee lover who loves life, people, business, exploring, travelling and experiencing life to the full.  This is what I want for all Entrepreneurs . . . for them to live an EpicLife!

I am passionate about helping Entrepreneurs and businesses. Why? I believe if you help Entrepreneurs and businesses, you impact lives.


I work with so many Entrepreneurs that are just running on the ‘treadmill of life’ trying to stay ahead of the busyness and next month end . . .  I believe that the Entrepreneurial Journey was meant to be so much more that feeling like you are in the rat race of life.  We need to get our businesses to ‘grow up’ and be able to function in such a way that it matures and serves the Entrepreneur so that they can start working ON their businesses, not just IN it.  So many people call themselves Entrepreneurs but have actually just created a job for themselves as they are still trading their time for money.

I believe the Entrepreneur should be running a mature business that can function independently, so that you as the Entrepreneur can take a break and things in your business keep going.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?!  Once your business has ‘grown up’, you can start to build your business, not just operate it.  You can live an unashamedly balanced life, filled with a great business, fulfilling relationships, incredible wellness and a wonderful lifestyle of enjoyment.  Who knows, maybe even allow you the time to get involved in something purposeful and meaningful in your community?

If your business is healthy and profitable, the owners, employees, their families, and surrounding communities’ benefit from the mature business. The world is a better place when businesses are doing what they were intended to do, i.e. change the world around them.

I love the Entrepreneurial spirit, the way we can paint the canvas of life the colours we want to so that we make the world a more beautiful place by doing what we love.

Seeing others succeed brings me great joy.

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I am on a mission to help you as the Entrepreneur to

  • Mature your business to the point where you work ON it, not just in it
  • Live you unashamedly balanced life, filled with the things you love
  • Make a meaningful impact on the world around you and your business

The road of Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride . . . the most exciting and thrilling ride of a lifetime that I love sharing with others.

It is my life's mission to help you as an Entrepreneur live your absolute best life by getting your businesses healthy and profitable so that it serves you, your team, your customers as well as the communities around you.


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