Epic Life Journeys

Welcome to the Epic Business & Epic Personal Life Journey Course!  We know that this is going to be a catalyst in you living the Epic Entrepreneurial Life.

Please make sure you write down the Username and Password you created on the Epic Life 101 website and keep it in a safe place.  We do not have access to your username and password you created.

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The Epic Life Journeys

Most Entrepreneurs say that they either have Time or Money, but seldom have both at the same time. We need our businesses to mature to the point where they give us both Time and Money at the same time so that we can live the Unashamedly Balanced life . . . your Epic Life.

But how, you ask? Simple! Years of being entrepreneurs and working with Entrepreneurs and businesses has given us very clear ways to achieve this. In our Epic Life Journeys, we take you through a series of short videos, each giving you practical guidance on how to create an Epic Business and Epic Personal Life. These Epic Journeys include the latest, practical and effective tools to create your Epic Life.

Enjoy every minute of the Epic Business and Epic Personal Life Journey videos, covering the following key areas:

Epic Business Journey

  • Business Strategy & Leadership
  • Customer
  • Business Finance
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Business Operations

Epic Personal Life Journey

  • Relationships
  • Health & Wellness
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal Finances
  • Faith

Remember, implementation is the key!  Knowledge has no power if it is not implemented, but knowledge is super powerful when put into action.

Work the Plan and the Plan will work for You!

Epic Business and Epic Personal Life Journey Course Password: EL101

We look forward to the Epic Business & Epic Personal Life Journey with you!

Module 1 Personal Journey
Unit 1 Video 1 - Relationships (Strengths)
Unit 2 Video 2 - Relationships (Love Languages)
Unit 3 Video 3 - Relationships (Values)
Unit 4 Video 4 - Relationships (Moment of Magic)
Unit 5 Video 5 - Wellness (Vehicle)
Unit 6 Video 6 - Wellness (Water)
Unit 7 Video 7 - Wellness (Food)
Unit 8 Video 8 - Wellness (Exercise)
Unit 9 Video 9 - Wellness (Sleep)
Unit 10 Video 10 - Wellness (Stress)
Unit 11 Video 11 - Lifestyle
Unit 12 Video 12 - Personal Finances
Unit 13 Video 13 - Faith
Module 2 Business Journey
Unit 1 Video 1 - Strategy & Leadership
Unit 2 Video 2 - Customer
Unit 3 Video 3 - Business Finance
Unit 4 Video 4 - Sales and Marketing
Unit 5 Video 5 - Operations
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