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- Direct your business strategy and leadership approach to get your business to 'grow up' and give you the life you want
- Know your Customer and adapt your marketing and sales to speak directly to the existing and potential Customer to grow your business and increase your income
- Work the Figures wisely and create systems in the business that allow things to happen without you having to make it happen

- Live the life you always dreamed of as an Entrepreneur . . . the Unshamedly Balanced Life of great relationships and lifestyle.
- Look after the Vehicle for your Purpose . . . your body! Health cannot be bought. It has to be nurtured.
- Start to have Epic Impact! Be part of something bigger than yourself and make a difference in the world around you.

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What is the Entrepreneurial Life?

Living the Unashamedly Balanced Life

Go for the No

Stop Waisting Money

Flow of Finances

The Epic Money Model

Profit Vs Turnover

Everyone is part of the Sales Team

The importance of being "present" as an Epic Entrepreneur

Master the Art of Dealing with People = Epic Business & Personal Relationships

The WHY takes Your Business Sky High

People are NOT your greatest asset

Clarity = Sanitiy

A Great Lifestyle is Non Negotiable for an Entrepreneur

Worry is the Enemy of the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

Become a Tourist in Your Own Town

Define Your Ideal Target Avatar

Go Where Your Ideal Target Avatar and Market Is

Epic Referral Networking Model Less For More With

Affluence and Influence in Your World

Affluence and Influence in Your Team

 Affluence and Influence in Your World

Sales Funnel Predictable Income

Collaboration Remuneration

Start With Sales Success

Make Working With You Easy For Your Customer

Profitability follows being Known, Liked & Trusted

The Customer is the Reason for Your Business Existence

The Sweet Spot of Business

Values Are Only Valuable to Our Business if they are What Our People DO

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