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What is The Epic Entrepreneurial Life?

What is an Epic Entreuprenural Life? What is it? What does it look like? What is it for me? Everyones definition is different

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Stop Wasting Money

The first thing to do as an entreprenur is to stop wasting your money. Stop wasting money that could go into giving you this Epic Business that gives you an Epic Life and an Epic Impact. Watch this free video to learn how.

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Profit vs Turnover

Many entrepreneurs fail to see the difference between Profit and Turnover. When it comes to budgeting they set their targets based on what they think is Turnover and they see it as the same thing. This is very much not true. Watch this free video to find out the difference between the two and in turn get your business financials working for you.

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Leadership: The WHY Takes Your Business Sky High

Today we talking about leadership and the big topic today is your WHY. This is not just important for you as the leader to get you up and motivate you and inspire you to do what you are doing but it is actually for your team as well.

video one of three for week five

A Great Lifestyle is Non Negotiable for an Entrepreneur

Lifestyle is one of our favorite topics. As an entrepreneur, we get very sucked up into the rat race of our business and we forget to focus on our lifestyle and making sure it is a great lifestyle that inspires us and helps enables our business.

video one of three week six

Define your Ideal avatar

Marketing & Sales - Define your avatar. Define the ideal person you are selling to. So many people have a great product and service out there but they just want to sell it to everybody. That is a lot of work because you spend so much time selling your product to people that do not need it. if you define the ideal person who is going to understand and accept your product your return on investment becomes more worthwhile.

video one of three for week seven 

Epic Impact Affluence and Influence

It is our responsibility and our privilege to be able to influence the world in such an incredible way. Epic Impact needs to be achieved in our business in two ways affluence and influence.

video one of three week eight

Epic Marketing & Sales: Sales Funnel = Predictable Income

We have noticed that some entrepreneurs do not know their strike ratios to predict the number of deals they going to have in the month. In the 21 years of our CEO, Adele doing business explains that you need to build a sales funnel, and based on that you will be able to have a higher success ratio when it comes to sales in a month.

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