In our Epic Entrepreneurial Journey, you may need a little more help from a trusted professional who specialises in that area.  EPIC LIFE 101 has a team of our Experts & Friends that we trust and have referred to many people who have been as happy as we have with them and what they offer.


Feel free to connect with these wonderful people for that little bit of extra help that you may need along your Epic Life Journey.


PDA International

Cheryl Mackinnon

Top three tips:

Ever felt like a square peg in a round hole ?  ever had team players that you could not work out… let me help you help them understand themselves, creating self-awareness is the best gift you can give someone.

90% of people are hired for their skills yet fired or leave for behavioural reasons !  We modify our behaviour by the challenge we are faced with.. wouldn’t you like to know who people were most of the time ? what happens to them when deadlines are looming ? and even better, their behaviour under pressure ?????

If you have the ideal traits required for a role, you will never work a day in your life.. innately you have what it takes and you fair exceptionally well in comparison to our benchmark.  Hey, go-ahead give it a bash, the only regret you will have, is not having done a PDA earlier…



Cindy Norcott

Top Three Tips:

Always give extra value. If you want to be wildly successful, be the most generous and abundant person you know. Give people more than they have any right to expect and keep doing it.

Your life is only as good as your habits so make sure that you develop good habits that will lead to a great life because your day is just your life in miniature.

Big achievements are absolutely nothing more than loads of small seemingly insignificant little actions that eventually lead to the final achievement. If you commit to lots of humble actions every single day, you will get there!



Andries Koen

Top Three Tips:

Ensure you manage your risk as an employer by means of customised contracts of employment and appropriate policies;

Hold your staff accountable for their conduct and performance in a fair manner;

Know your rights when dealing with Unions to prevent negative consequences for your business



Jody Fabre

Top Three Tips:

Always begin with the end in mind

Never be afraid to start over

Consistency is key



Jonathan Acutt

Top Three Tips:

Perfect the art of ‘leverage’

Don’t exchange your time for money, exchange your time for your ‘value’ you bring

Build a team around you that allows you to focus on your strengths, whilst they support you on your weaknesses.



Bruce Burnett

Top Three Tips:

Be full of integrity

Always under promise and over deliver

Network like crazy



Emma Dunk

Top Three Tips:

Free media coverage is attainable for any business!

Regular communication with all of your stakeholders is key (clients, suppliers, staff, community etc.)!

It is essential that all of your social media channels and company website conveys the correct message, tone & personality to align with your brand!



Chrystal Austin

Top Three Tips

If you want to be amongst 60% of organisations who attested to benefits in excess of up to four times,  start by investing in, and having highly emotional intelligent employees

76% of executives agree that AI will increase the demand for Emotional Intelligence skills as more employees will engage in client/people-facing roles

Companies benefit from employees who are coached to display high EI through enhanced productivity, job satisfaction, wellbeing, increased market share and reduced attrition.



Nathan Austin

Top Three Tips:

Leadership is our ability as individuals to influence and inspire people’s hearts and minds towards something that matters…to them.

Now more than ever, leaders in this new world of volatility, uncertainty and unpredictability must display greater levels of resilience, if they are to lead their teams and companies successfully into the future.

We have all heard the statement, “Our people are our greatest asset”. Turns out that’s not entirely true.  People are not your greatest asset, the right people are. The right people will do the right things, at the right time for the right reason. The wrong people can be your greatest liability.


ActionCOACH Ignite

Darryn Le Grange

Top Three Tips:

Your Business is your vehicle to Achieve your Goals & Dreams for your Life – I will guide you to Build your business to serve you, your family and your Goals & Dreams

The Secret to Business Growth is Marketing – I will help you Turn your Marketing from an Expense into an Investment – this will give you an Unlimited Marketing Budget and Excellent Growth

Imagine playing a round of Golf and not keeping Score? The same applies for your business – I will show you how to keep the Score (the numbers) in your Business so we can Track and Plan your Improvement and Progress


JEFF Fitness

Janelle Boddy

Top Three Tips:

Drink 3L water daily - it’s your secret weapon

Think Nutrition not Calories

Never skip a Monday - set your week up for success - no matter how you feel - always do what’s right!

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PC Management Services

Chantel Alston-Stewart

Top Three Tips:

Save & Stash

Save for a rainy day

Stash your VAT & Tax

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The Success Company

Catarina Farrimond

Top Three Tips:

Take 1 day at a time- Tomorrow has its own worries- Live to your fullest, today.

Don’t give up with anything, persistence really does reward.

To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice your Gift.



Promo headshot

Flying Kite

Charles Hsuan

Top Three Tips:

"Good storytelling" will beat "good selling”...every-time

Why else do you remember the story of Shrek, yet you can’t recall 5 points from the last business presentation you attended?

Storytelling in sales is a skill that we can and should all learn, I want you to take it, adapt it, and put your fingerprint on it.

Is your marketing message memorable and repeatable?





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